Anna E Hartman


Anna E. Hartman’s keen ideas and writings made her an early leader at the Lancaster County Normal Institute. In her senior thesis, Hartman wrote, “free schools will make a free community, a free state, a free nation. Let them continue to grow better and spread wider, until there remains not on individual who can truthfully say he had no opportunity of obtaining an education.” After graduation from Millersville Normal School in 1858, she taught at the Female High School in Lancaster and eventually became its assistant principal. In 1866 she was appointed a teacher of grammar and French at Millersville State Normal School. Ever a natural leader, Hartman served as Preceptress (forerunner of Dean of Women) in 1871, and from 1860 to 1923 she served on the Millersville Alumni Executive Committee.

*Due to a lack of a photograph of Anna E Hartman, a photo of the Adastra Star replaces it.