University Commitments

"Who carried her tradition with honor and with pride"

In the 24 years Jackson was at Millersville, she served on a variety of University Committees, University Boards, and student clubs and organizations. 

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University Committees 

Employment Consultation Committee (a part of the Affirmative Action Council) 

Educational Opportunities for Black Students Committee 

Black History Planning Committee (Appointed by University President Joseph Caputo. Directed, produced, and supported various University sponsored activities for Black History Month Co-Coordinator in 1981)  

Search Committee Member for Dean of Education and Associate Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs 


University Boards 

Human Relations Board 

Student Services Board of Directors of Millersville University 

United Campus Ministries Board 

Millersville State College Association Board 

Minority Students Association Program Director 

Council to Equalize Higher Educational Opportunities (Appointed by University President William Duncan) 

Philadelphia Alumni Chapter for Homecoming 1984 Assistant Coordinator  

Teacher Education Council English Department Representative 

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1973_Black Student Week Festival Two.jpg 1989-12_Upward Bound Class Group Two.jpg 1989-12_Upward Bound Student Reading to Class.jpg 1978_Anthony Zerby and Roscoe Brown.jpg Fall 1984_Black Student Formal Dance Two..jpg 1980_Brutus.jpg

English Department Committees 

Education Committee (Evaluated strengths and weaknesses of English majors)  

Composition Committee (Served as temporary chair from September 1972 to October 1972) 

Curriculum Committee  (Served as temporary chair from September 1972 to October 1972) 

Continuing Education Committee 

Recruitment and Advisement Committee (Served as chair for five years) 

Personnel Committee  


Student Clubs and Organizations 

English Club Advisor 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Advisor 

Gospel Choir Advisor 

Black Students Union Advisor 

Zeta Phi Beta Advisor 

Black Campus Ministries Advisor and Director 

Faculty Patron for the Touchstone Yearbook in 1975