Hazel's Legacy

"Together, but not without opposition, we moved Forward through time."

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Hazel Jackson Scholarship 

In addition to the initiation of the Hazel I. Jackson Lecture, the first scholarship by Millersville University, totaling $10,000, named for an African American professor would be named for her. The scholarship is awarded annually to an African American student majoring in secondary education language arts or the humanities. In an interview for the 20th Anniversary of the Women’s Commission, Jackson recalled the barriers Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El faced in creating a scholarship in Jackson’s name: 

“When it was first recommended, she [Rita] was told not to even worry about getting an endowment, just have the banquet and whatever money was raised at the banquet could be given as a one-time scholarship, because you [Rita] will never get $10,000. [That] was the kind of discouraging statement that was given to her, but she was determined that we would make it as a $10,000 scholarship. And, fortunately, one of the donors, the Student Services group, with Bob Slabinski, gave $5,000 of the $10,000. So, we got a big chunk that was given by one individual and so that really boosted the money for that, and it has continued the money for that, and it has continued to grow.” 

Hazel I. Jackson Lecture 

Hazel I. Jackson Lecture | Millersville University

A year after her retirement in the spring of 1994, Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El, director of the African American studies program and professor of psychology, initiated a lecture series in Jackson’s honor. Each year since its inception, a visiting literary artist brings moments of African American expression to the Millersville campus, engaging and challenging the Millersville University community with inspiring ideas and emerging aesthetics found in the Black American experience.  

To learn more about the Hazel I. Jackson Lecture guest speakers that have spoken at Millersville, complete with interactive links, photographs, and summaries, visit millersville.edu/africanamericanstudies/jackson-lecture.

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