Joseph A. Caputo, President 1981-2003

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J.A. Caputo

Dr. Caputo held several posts in higher education, including vice president for academic affairs at Southwest Texas State University, prior to his appointment at Millersville. During his tenure, there were significant changes in the academic program, management structure, student life opportunities and campus infrastructure. Dr. Caputo, Dr. Christie and Dr. Stoddard were the only principals/presidents having no prior association with Millersville before assuming the chief executive office.


Roddy Science Center, the home of the Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics Departments and of offices of the Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics, buildt in 1964, was named for H. Justin Roddy (1887-1926), an 1881 and 1896 graduate of the normal school, who taught geography and geology and was of the Science Department. The building also houses the Engle Physics Laboratory, named for Daniel G. Engle (1955-1974), a professor of physics.

In 1997 the building underwent major renovations and expansion and is now a wing of the Science and Technology Building. Caputo Hall, named for Joseph A. Caputo (1983-2003), president of Millersville University, was added in 1997. In 2005 Roddy Hall, Caputo Hall, Brossman Hall and Nichols House were rededicated as the Dr. James P. and Tasia K. Argires Science Complex in honor of Dr. Argires, a well-known neurosurgeon in Lancaster, and his wife whose gift funded the complete renovation of Roddy Hall.

Joseph A. Caputo, President 1981-2003