Francine G. McNairy, President 2003-2013

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Francine McNairy

Dr. McNairy began her career at Millersville University as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs before becoming President in 2003. Prior to coming to Millersville, she was the associate provost at West Chester University. She served as acting President at Millersville University in the Fall of 1997 while Dr. Caputo was on sabbatical leave. During her tenure the University celebrated its 150th Anniversary.  In 2010, the University purchased 42 North Prince Street, Lancaster, rededicating it in 2011 as The Ware Center, honoring Paul W. and Judy S. Ware.  She announced her retirement in January 2012, which became effective in January 2013.


The Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum was originally known as Ganser Library. The college library, was formally announced in 1965 and officially opened with a bookwalk in 1967. It was named for Helen A. Ganser (1911-1952), librarian and head of the Library Science Department. Also located in the building is the Esther Risser Whitely Room, a reading room for Special Collections, named for Esther Risser Whitely (1952-1972), reference librarian and the Doris Keller Hosler Classroom, named for Doris Keller Hosler (1968-1988) who began the bibliographical instruction program.  In 2011-2013 the library underwent a major renovation and in October 2013 was rededicated as the Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum with the tower being known as Ganser Hall.  In 2017 the Writing Center consolidated it two sites,  opening on the first floor of the Library.  The grand opening was held in September.

Francine G. McNairy, President 2003-2013