D. Luke Biemesderfer, President 1943-1965


D.L. Biemesderfer

Dr. Biemesderfer graduated from F. & M. Academy in 1912, from Millersville State Normal School in 1917, and from F. & M. College in 1921. He served as a teacher and principal in schools of several Pennsylvania districts, including Manor-Millersville, before being named president. During his tenure the college struggled through the student shortage of World War II, the student surplus of the post-war years, and the declining enrollments and state appropriations in the 1950’s. During his years liberal arts and graduate studies were added to the curriculum, and the auditorium-dormitory complex on the north campus was constructed. Also, land was secured for the east campus now comprising dormitories, classroom buildings, dining hall, and student center.


Biemesderfer Executive Center, was originally built as the Library in 1895.  This building served the campus community without electricity until 1922.  With the building of Ganser Library in 1965 the "old" library was used as the temporary union building before being renovated and rededicated as Biemesderfer Executive Center in honor of Dr. Biemesderfer and his wife, Elva, both 1917 graduates of the normal school.  Today is houses the offices of the top adminisration on campus as well as the H. Edgar Sherts Board Room, named for an 1896 graduate and prominent member of the Board of Trustees (1910-1936).

D. Luke Biemesderfer, President 1943-1965