Millersville students are showing the way forward to a diverse and inclusive campus, and we need to listen to them.

Caseem Luck

"I think, right now, it's just in a period of staleness. Like, everyone's too comfortable. But, I think the campus needs a point in where it's pressured and kind of forced to move forward. It needs to go through that awkward time of growth in a sense. And I feel like those in the administrative side kind of need to take into account and kind of see it from not just a numbers standpoint trying to get enrollment in and get people in those dorms. But also, see it as [a] humanistic standpoint and really see that your'e dealing with students. People. People's kids that just...they're trying to find themselves. They're not just a number on a paper."(1) - Caseem Luck

Diavian Gunner

"Me, personally, I’m always an open person and if someone’s not that open I’m not going to fault them for that cause’ maybe they have a reason for not being that open. So, you have to get to know people before you judge them. And even if you know them, you can’t really judge them cause’ you might have done some stuff in your life that you’re not proud of. So, I don’t think it be fair for anyone to pass judgement on anyone. You just don’t. You just have to get to understand people. So, I think, like, be open minded about people around you, and if you feel as though, like, maybe you’re better off separated, then stay separated. But, don't create problems for yourself when there’s no problem needed."(2) - Diavian Gunner

"You have to be open. Like…open mindset, like one hundred percent. I've learned so Like, just in college in general you need to be open. Like, not even about MU. It’s not your hometown anymore; it’s not the simple minds that once formed a community. It's different tribes, basically, coming together to form a new one. And, if Sally likes purple but Frank likes red, you’ve got to come and find magenta; to be in the middle basically. Like, I think that's the best advice that I can give. That and, like, be yourself in a way. Like, don't feel like you have to decrease your behavior because you're the only black child in the room. Or if you're a white student don't feel like you have to not say anything because you're the only white student in the classroom."(3) - Jordan Alexzandra Yates

Student Engagement

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