The authors would like to thank the 30 narrators who participated in the Students of Color Oral History Project:

Sabra Baker

Brittney Brown

Aaron Harrison

Mikal Frazier

Nishay Carson

Shaun Carter

Evelyn Dais

Leah Fergusen

Colin Gaffney

Jamair Gibson

Tyron Gibson

Davian Gunner

Ebony Hodges

Diamonic Holmes

Caseem Luck

Sardis Melo

Sidney Miller

Taylor Muse

Kiara Nabried

Terrence Pearson

Ashley Pricher

Nicha Smith

Nicole Smith

Sincerai Stanback

Christhiena Stinson

Aaron Taylor

Mekdes Woldu

Michea Wolfley

Elizabeth Wright

Jordan Alexzandra Yates 

Additionally, thank you to the following Students of Color Oral History Project members: Dr. Rita Smith-Wade-El, Dr. Marilyn Parrish, Janet Dotterer, Ashley Sherman, Jordan Alexzandra Yates, and Hannah DeBoer.