Meet the Narrators

The first question narraters were asked was to describe their experiences growing upi.e. the town they lived in, the schools they went to, and the activities they were involved in. Overall, most students grew up in the city or in the suburbs closeby. A handful were from small towns or rural areas, while three were born in other countries including Ethiopia, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago. Many were first or second year students and their majors encompassed a vast array of departments such as psychology, criminology, biology and animal behavior, and music business technology. This project was also interested in the types of schools each narrator attended growing up. Only two of the 30 narrators came from predominantly white high schools. One narrator in particular came from Red Lion which is where the base for the KKK is located at present. 

The narrators that participated in this project included the following: 

Narrators not pictured above included: Brittney Brown, Mikal Frazier, Aaron Harrison, Kiara Nabried, and Jordan Yates.