Private Presses

There are many private presses creating beautiful books of art using handmade or mould made papers, woodcut engravings, special bindings and handmade marbled papers.

Nonesuch Press was founded in 1923 by Francis Meynell (1891-1975), book designer, publisher and journalist; his wife, Vera Mendel and D. Garnett to produce books of high quality in content and presentation.

Nonesuch_TheTemple.jpg Nonesuch_TheTemple_TP.jpg

The Temple: Sacred Poems & Private Ejaculations by George Herbert, 1927.

Bound in original hand-woven red and gray pictorial cloth by Francis Meynel and listed as one of his favorites.

Bird and Bull Press (1958-2013) was founded by Henry Morris as an outlet for his interest in hand papermaking. It was one of America's oldest private presses.  Millersville has a wonderful collection of his many publications.  Here is just a sample of 5 books.


A Collection of Receipts in Cookery, Physick and Surgery, 1958.

The first of many publications by Henry Morris. It is printed on hand made paper created by Henry Morris. It is number 29 of 100 copies.


Private Presses on San Serriffe, 1980.

This is a tongue-in-check book based on a non-existent island that was created as part of an April fool joke in 1977.


On Improvements in Marbling the edges of Books and Papers, a nineteenth century marbling account explained and illustrated with fourteen original marbled samples by Richard J. Wolfe.

350 copies of this book were printed by Biard and Bull Press at Newtown, Pa. and bound by E.G. Parrot at Easthampton, Mass.


On Grafting in Animals by Giuseppe Baronio; translated by Joan Bond Sax, 1985.

Printed by Bird & Bull Press, Newtown, Pa. and bound by Gray Parrot in Easthampton, Mass.

The type was set in San Francisco by Mackenzie-Harris Corp., printed on Arches mould-made paper from France. The type was designed by the celebrated Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni.


Varieties of Spanish Marbling by Iris Nevins, 1991.

Published by Bird and Bull Press, Newtown, Pa., this book is composed in Cochin types and printed on Johannot mould-made paper. It is quarter-bound in Japanese cloth and Spanish marbled sides with a leather spine label. The book was bound by Campbell-Logan Bindery in Minnesota.

The Press of Appletree Alley, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (1981-2001) was established by artist/printer Barnard Taylor and was named by Press Associate Mary Chenoweth Stratton because it was originally located on Appletree Alley in Lewisburg. Every book was typeset by hand, hand printed on hand or mould made papers and hand bound.


Hayden Carruth Sonnets with Wood Engravings by Barnard Taylor, 1989.

“This book was set in 14 point Centaur and Arrighi and printed on Arches laid text paper with a Vandercook No. 4. This edition was designed, hand-set, and printed by Barnard Taylor with assistance from Juanita Bishop and Arnaldo Lopez. The illustrations were printed directly from the engraved blocks. Each book was hand-bound with an original marbled paper cover by Don Rash.”—Colophon.

Red Howler Press, Muncy, Pennsylvania, was established in 1988 by David Moyer and Gretchen Heinze. They are interested in combininb text and visual imagery and are able to feature David's art, wood engravings and calligraphy. Here are three examples, from among the 15 books they have published.


Cutter's Mark: Six German Printmakers by Gretchen Heinze & David Moyer. 1991.

The six printmakers featured are: Michael Wolgemut, Hans Baldung, Albrecht Durer, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Hans Burgkmair and Hans Holbein the Younger.

“Cutter’s Mark is a limited edition of 50 copies. The text was hand set and printed in Goudy Old Style type on Rives paper. The wood engravings were printed from end-grain maple blocks on Masa Japanese paper. No. 1 of 50”—Colophon.


Once Removed by David Moyer with an introduction by Gretchen Heinze, 1998.

"Once Removed is a book about big ideas" -- Introduction.

No. 1 of 75, “This collection of drawings was printed from Type high Magnesium blocks by David Wolfe Ed. of Portland, ME during the early summer of 1998”—Colophon.


The Naturalist, original wood engravings, text and calligraphy by David Moyer, 2014.

“The Naturalist is about the observer and the subjective image of his perception made visible.” – Introduction.

“The Naturalist is written in walnut brown ink on Rives Heavy Weight Buff paper with images printed from original end grain wood blocks. No. 1 of 20” – Colophon.