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Student supporters protest Krusty Krab is unfair

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Prehistoric pal partakes in protest


Faculty members do not want poor education

To capture the strike-related experiences of Millersville University faculty, staff, and students, Archives & Special Collections in McNairy Library began an oral history project during fall semester, 2016, that continued into spring semester, 2017. The student volunteer members of the faculty strike project team, and the student employees in McNairy Library’s Archives & Special Collections areas, participated in a collaborative effort alongside Library faculty members over the course of a year and a half. The project team consisted of seven Millersville University undergraduate and graduate students and five Library faculty members. Volunteer university students included: Alex Arnold, Lauren Cameron, Abigail Gruber, Hunter Mengel, Victoria Mueller, Taylor Payne, and Kyle Thomas. The volunteer faculty members included: Katie Barrett, Libby Nelson, Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, Stephanie Pennucci, and Marilyn Parrish.

Working in pairs, the volunteer team interviewed a total of thirty-eight narrators, including twenty-four faculty members, seven students, and seven administrators/staff members. All interviews were conducted between November, 2016, and May, 2017. The 7 students included: Ryan Bankert, Christina Clawson, Connor Devlin, Abigail Gruber, Katie Lundy, John Schoenewald, and Marcus Wardle. The 24 faculty members included: Kathryn Allen, Ana Borger-Grecco, Kirsten Bookmiller, Line Bruntse, Jeanne Cassidy, Barry David, Robyn Davis, Alex DeCaria, Sandra Deemer, Oliver Dreon, Christine Filippone, Shauna Frischkorn, Laurie Hanich, Elizabeth Katz, John McLarnon, Thomas Neuville, Beth Powers (Costello), Alex Redcay, Greg Seigworth, Carrie Smith, Kenneth Smith, Robert Spicer, Kathleen Walsh, and Melissa Gold. The 7 administrators/staff members included: Jeff Adams, Pete Anders, Kim Martin, Michelle Perez, David Ramsay, Andrew Welaish, and D’Ann Ressler.

Student employees in Archives & Special Collections transcribed the interviews, following up with narrators for additional input. Team members included: Abigail Gruber, Adam Omar, Alex Slick, Ashley Sherman, and Marilyn Parrish. 

The final step involved the creation of the exhibit. Working together on the online exhibit using Omeka, Archives & Special Collections student employees Ashley Sherman and Adam Omar assembled the layout of each page based on themes that had been developed by members of the team for a national conference presentation. They selected audio clips, quotes, and photos. Sherman reviewed each transcript for key themes and details and used the information to compose a narrative for each page of the exhibit. Omar constructed an interactive timeline for the strike using Neatline, an Omeka plug-in. The timeline includes a map and links to documentation of each part of the negotiation between the State System and APSCUF.

Interview Framework for Faculty

Interview Framework for Staff and Administration

Interview Framework for Students


APSCUF visits the Capitol


Bloomsburg University faculty members Wendy Lee, left, and Michael Martin at the strike-authorization vote on September 7-9


A Slippery Rock University faculty member votes "yes" at the strike-authorization vote on September 7-9

About the Project