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The D. Luke and Elva Walter Biemesderfer Collection


D. Luke Biemesderfer and Elva Walter Biemesderfer were both graduates of the Millersville State Normal School, Class of 1917.  D. Luke Biemesderfer became President of Millersville State Teachers College in 1943 and served for 22 years.  During this time period numerous changes were made to the College and Campus and this exhibit highlights some of those changes as well as some of the memorabilia from their time at Millersville.

Harlem Renaissance, 1917-1935


Harlem, New York, a large neighborhood in the northern section of New York City Borough of Manhattan, has been known as a major African-American residential, cultural and business center since the 1920s.  The influx of African-Americans into Harlem began with The Great Migration when 5 million southern Blacks moved north and west between 1915 and 1960.  The first large movement occurred during World War I when 454,000 Black southerners moved north to Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh and New York.

The Harlem Renaissance was originally known as the "New Negro Experience" named after the 1925 anthology The New Negro: An Interpretation, edited by Alain Loccke.

History of the Libraries at Millersville, 1857-


History of the library collections and buildings

The Joseph L. Rousseau Collection of Mathematics and Ciphering Books


Exhibit of a small selection of books that were donated by Professor Emeritus Joseph L. Rousseau in 2008.

Millersville's Past: Women Who Made a Difference


A collection of the incredible women of Millersville University's past and their accomplishments.

Adapted from original brochure by Alex Slick ('19)

Student Researchers for original brochure:  Jerrod Mertz, Susan Sentz, Ben Charles, students from History 250.

Faculty and Staff: Tracey Weis (History), Nancy Mata (Art), Marilyn Parrish and Janet Dotterer (Archives & Special Collections)

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Stained Glass Windows


The stained glass windows were once only located in the Chapel and the Library.  When the chapel was torn down in the late 1960s, the windows that were there were preserved and are now located in buildings throughout campus.  The library was renovated and is now the Biemesderfer Executive Center where the stained glass windows remain.

Principals and Presidents at Millersville

Old Main 1857.jpg

Millersville State Normal School always had a Principal as the head, from 1855 until 1928 when it became Millersville State Teachers College.  From 1928 to the present, the head of the College or University has gone by the title of President.

Art of the Book

Art of the Book.jpg

Special Bindings, Handmade Papers and Illustrated Books