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Regitz Early Life

Picture of Locustdale

Locustdale, PA

(Year born (1939)): Born in Locustdale, 80 miles north of Lancaster, PA.  Was a coal mining town.  Father was a coal miner for 40 years.  Regitz was the fourth out of six total children (3 boys, 3 girls). (Computer History Museum Interview page 2) 

(1954): Father died at age 15, mother raised children after that.  (Computer History Musuem Interview page 2) 

Grew up in relatively poor family, neither parent graduated from high school.  Regitz’s parents raised their children with the objective to make sure all of them graduated from high school.  (Computer Histor Museum Interview page 3) 

(some time during younger years): Regitz and his brother ran a “business” where his brother would build things and Regitz would sell them.  This experience is where Regitz “learned some sales skills prretty early on in [his] life”.  (Millersville Archive Interview Page 2) 

1959-60: Regitz began school at DeVry Technical school in Chicago where he was able to go to classes during the day and work at night (Computer History Musuem Interview page 10).   

(about two months before graduating DeVry Technical Institute): Regitz got married about two months before graduating DeVry Technical Institute (Computer History Museum Interview page 21). 

Guggenheim Library

Monmouth University Guggenheim Library

1960: After graduating DeVry Technical Institute, Regitz continued his education at Monmouth College in West Long Branch, NJ.  The college paid for Regitz to attend, and while there, Regitz took classes in topics such as advanced math and circuit analysis.  (Computer History Museum Interview page 21).   
??Regitz attended Monmouth College from 1960 – 1967.??  (page 22) 

“No, I wasn’t along for the ride, I helped make my ride” - Regitz

when responding to the question “So I am curious about intentions, like growing up, when you were eighteen, ninteen, did you think that you would endup where you are at?” “You just were along for the ride? 

-Archives 7-23 Interview Page 10