Women involved with the Equal Rights Movement

Zorah Khanoum Heidary.pdf

Zorah Khanoum Heidary

First woman member of the Persian Government and a member of the Persian Commission.

Ann Tizia Leitich.pdf

Ann Tizia Leitich

Austrian Feminist and lecturer on the American Woman and Equal Rights.

Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin.pdf

Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin

A member of the Chippewa, or Anishinabe, Tribe and a founder of the National Women's Party.

The Queen Mother of Siam.pdf

The Queen Mother of Siam

Mother of the present King of Siam and the number one Queen of the late King Chulalongkorn.

Alice Paul.pdf

Alice Paul

Vice-President of the National Women's Party and the leader of the Equal Rights movement in America.

Lucretia Mott.pdf

Lucretia Mott

Founder of the Equal Rights Movement in America.

Mary T. Norton.pdf

Mary T. Norton

The Only Woman Member of the Incoming Congress.

Halide Edib Hanoum.pdf

Halidé Edib Hanoum 

Turkish Feminist and member to the International Advisory Council of the National Women's Party.

Dr. Julia Martinez.pdf

Dr. Julia Martinez

Presiding officer and first speaker at the Equal Rights hearing before the Unofficial Pienary Session of the Sixth Pan-American Conference.

Hoda Charaoui Pasha.pdf

Hoda Charaoui Pasha

Egypt's leading Feminst, and member of the International Advisory Coucil of the National Woman's Party.

Ruth Baker Pratt.pdf

Ruth Baker Pratt

New York's first Congresswoman, also holds the record for being the first woman ever elected to the New York City Board of Aldermen.